Hospital and Aged Care


Clipper is a contract manufacturer to the healthcare industry.

We produce a wide range of products to our customer’s specifications.

Fully welded infection control covers for mattresses, cushions, pillows, emergency trolleys, theatre trolleys, birthing mattresses, heal wedges, seclusion mattresses, mobile baths, wheelchair cushions, alternating air bladders.

Our covers being fully welded create an effective barrier to bacteria, and allows for more complete cleaning. We are able to weld a range of stretch polyurethane materials from the following manufacturers and their Australian Distributors.

Supplier                                             Manufacturer

Carr Australia                                   Techma         

Charles Parsons                               Sioen

Nolans                                                Herculite              




We are able to weld zips into our covers or can also provide a fully welded cover complete with welded breather vent. We can also weld a reinforced PVC base to the PU top. Velcro, handles, eyelets can all be added to our covers to meet your specific requirements.

As well as PU we are able to weld a full range of PVC both reinforced, fabric backed or unsupported. We also fabricate inflatable alternating mattresses using PU to improve feel, function and longevity of your product.
Often development of a new design and cover can be quite challenging. At Clipper we pride ourselves in our ability to meet these challenges.

We are able to meet most needs and enjoy the challenge this changing industry presents us.