About Us


Some examples of the products we manufacture inlcude:


Flexible plastic covers for water or air or foam.
Waterbed Bladders
Water filled pillows
Ballast Bags
Air pillows
Inflatable balls / Promotional items
Alternating air pressure bladders
Welded PU / PVC covers for Foam Mattresses for Hospital / Nursing home / Detention centres / Camps and
Seclusion Mattresses
Cushions / pillows / trolley pads.
Flexible Baths
Portable showers for wheel chair
Drifter Camp mattresses
Flexible rainwater tanks for under house storage
Day Spa Hydrotherapy equipment
Zippers or hook and loop can be welded onto vinyl or polyurethane. Our range includes an assortment of weldable valves for air or water.

We have structured our business so that we are short run specialists. We can custom make one or manage bulk runs of 100